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Eligibility Criteria for Becoming a Mentor

Expertise in Gender Studies: The mentor should have a deep understanding of gender issues, expertise and experience in the area of gender and development with at least 10 years both nationally and internationally. 

Experience in Economic Development: Familiarity with economic development principles and practices is crucial to provide meaningful guidance on how to enhance women’s economic participation and entrepreneurship. 

Regional Knowledge: Familiarity with the CAREC region’s socio-economic context, cultural nuances, and specific challenges related to gender equality is important. 

Mentoring and Coaching Skills: The mentor should possess strong mentoring and coaching abilities to effectively guide and support individuals or organizations in implementing gender-responsive practices. 

Communication and Facilitation Skills: Excellent communication skills are necessary to engage with diverse stakeholders, facilitate discussions, and advocate for gender equality effectively. 

Networking Abilities: The mentor should have a broad network of contacts within the gender equality and economic development fields, including government agencies, NGOs, and international organizations. 

Understanding of Policy and Advocacy: Knowledge of policy frameworks related to gender equality and experience in advocacy efforts can help the mentor provide strategic advice on policy development and implementation. 

Sensitivity and Cultural Competence: Awareness of cultural sensitivities and the ability to navigate different cultural contexts respectfully are essential when working in diverse environments like those found in the CAREC region. 

Monitoring and Evaluation Skills: Competence in monitoring and evaluating gender-responsive initiatives is important to assess progress, identify areas for improvement, and ensure accountability. 

CAREC Women’s Empowerment Online Platform
Community Guidelines

Welcome to the CAREC Women’s Empowerment Online Platform, where women in CAREC member countries can safely connect with each other and be part of a community that helps each other succeed. To ensure a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable environment for all members and mentors, we’ve established the following guidelines:

  • Be real: We require you to use your true identity on the Platform and provide accurate information about yourself. Do not create a fake profile or provide false information about yourself to mislead other members on this Platform. Do not use an image of someone else for your profile photo.
  • Be respectful: Treat all members with respect. Be courteous in your interactions, and refrain from engaging in personal attacks, harassment, or any form of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, or any other personal trait.
  • Don’t scam or defraud others: This Platform allows users to share or post job opportunities. Do not deceive or defraud other members of the community and instead provide truthful information about the job.
  • Respect privacy: Respect the privacy of fellow members. Avoid sharing personal information about others outside this Platform without their consent.
  • Respect intellectual property: Respect copyright and intellectual property rights. When uploading publications on this Platform, ensure that you have the intellectual right to share or publish the material in this community. Do not post copyrighted material without the owner’s permission. When posting blogs, be sure that the blog is your own and is not written by others or not generated by Chat GPT or similar AI tools.
  • Be factual: Make sure that the facts shared on your publications and blogs are factual and does not contain false information.
  • Maintain a safe environment: Help maintain a safe environment by reporting any inappropriate behavior or content to the organizers promptly.
  • Consequences for violations: Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in warnings, temporary suspension, or permanent expulsion from the community. Moderators of the Platform reserve the right to enforce these consequences as they deem necessary.