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Guest Speaker Series: A Harassment Free Workplace

We invite you to attend the CAREC Women’s Empowerment Online Platform’s Guest Speaker Series on A Harassment Free Workplace with Ms. Fauzia Viqar, Federal Ombudsperson Against Harassment in Pakistan, on 7 June, from 16:00 – 17:30 Manila Time via Zoom.

In this online talk, Ms. Viqar will delve into the persistent issue of harassment against women, despite constitutional assertions worldwide and the existence of laws advocating for women’s equality.

Specifically, the talk will explore the Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2010, enacted in recognition of the profound impact of pervasive harassment on female empowerment and the national economy.

Ms. Viqar will also draw connections between the fundamental right to work with dignity and the imperative for a harassment-free workplace environment during the talk.

Please visit this link to register to the event:

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7 June 2024

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7 June 2024


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